The 5 Best Ways To Use Emu Oil

The 5 Best Ways To Use Emu Oil

The 5 Best Ways To Use Emu Oil

Emus originate from Australia and are a flightless bird. They provide civilization with benefits that go beyond being fun to see at the zoo. Their skins are used by some people for belts and boots. Others cook their meat at their backyard barbecues to eat. Recently, there has been an increase in using Emu oil. Although it is used mainly for aesthetic purposes, physicians have also started to recommend that their patients use it. In addition, several drugs have it as one of their main ingredients.

Although using Emu oil is fairly new to North America, the Australian Aborigines have been using since before A.D. times. It has been shown to be quite effective in treating various medical conditions. Back then they didn’t need an entire medicine cabinet like we have these days. Emu oil was used for multiple purposes.

So what is this oil used for these days? Currently it is being used for treating several issues and for improving people’s physical appearance. It is important to realize that it is more effective in some of its uses than others. The following are the top 5 uses for Emu Oil.

1. Improves Cholesterol Levels

Medical science now knows that it is genetic to have high cholesterol levels. If you are suffering from this problem currently, it’s possible you haven’t done anything to deserve it. The situation can sometimes be improved by weight loss, however without the use of a remedy the situation is rarely improved.

If you ask for a drug free alternative from your doctor that is still effective, he or she might recommend emu oil. According to several clinical studies, it has been shown that taking an emu oil supplement might lower bad cholesterol levels. It is thought to work due to the numerous fatty acids that it provides.

Lowering your cholesterol levels may prevent a blood clot, stroke or heart attack. Strokes and heart attacks are caused by blood coagulates. Since this can potentially save your life, it is definitely worth finding a remedy for it.

2. Helps The Healing Process

Those using Emu oil for lacerations, gashes, radiation burns and the like, notice that their healing time is much short. Some surgeons are now recommending that their patients get it to use after surgery. Emu oil helps with the healing process in two main ways. It helps to increase circulation and reduce pain caused by swelling. When circulation is increased it helps the skin be able to restore itself more quickly.

A faster healing time means there will be less chance that your wound will become infected. It means it will close quickly and result in less bacteria being able to get in. So one bottle of emu oil could help to prevent an expensive visit to see a communicable disease specialist.

Emu oil is also very efficient when it comes to reducing bruises. Although bruises might not be a medical condition that worsens, many people would like them to disappear more quickly for aesthetic reasons.

3. Skin Conditioning

Most likely this is Emu oil’s most common use. Many people buy Emu oil to use on their skin. It can even help to prevent sun damage. It allows people to retain their youthful looks for a longer period of time.

The skin is lubricated by Emu oil. This effects helps to prevent wrinkles. It can also make wrinkles that exist less obvious, particularly where dry skin has caused the wrinkles.

During the winter lips frequently become chapped. Cold weather is what dries them out the most. Emu oil helps your lips stain moist and contribute conditioning as well. Those who suffer from Eczema notice their precondition is reduced applying Emu oil. The effect can also result in Emu oil being able to add moisture and help in the precondition phase.

4. Using Emu Oil For Treating The Flu And Colds

Due to its fatty acids, Emu oil can help to strengthen the immune system. This can helps those who are suffering from common viruses. Individuals who use Emu oil recover from a cold or influenza virus much faster. For individual who are looking to treat influenza or a cold, it is recommended that they take Emu oil through their noses. This is how it can be applied for treating migraines and nose bleeds as well.

Emu oil might also help with relieve some of the inconveniences that are associated with these viruses. There have been some studies that have shown that it might even work to help suppress a cough. However, this has not been completely proven. It definitely can help to alleviate some suffering you might get from having a headaches that tends to accompany these illnesses.

5. Help With Diabetic Nerve Pain?

When an individual has diabetic nerve pain it’s a sign that they have poor circulation. If this condition is left unchecked it can lead to peripheral artery disease. The reason why ulcers are developed by some diabetic patients is peripheral artery disease. It can lead to having limbs amputated eventually. Since Emu oil can help to improve circulation, it might help with preventing some inconveniences that are associated with this condition and might help to prevent it from worsening.

Emu oil doesn’t cure peripheral artery disease, but is can help with relieving some of its symptoms. It is important to consult with your doctor to discuss drugs and therapies that might further help with this disease. If you aren’t diabetic, Emu oil can still help with relieving the symptoms of other types of nerve conditions as well.

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