Emu Oil Details And Benefits

Emu Oil Details And Benefits

Emu Oil Details And Benefits

Emu oil is fairly new to the marketplace, although it has been used by the Aboriginal Australians for quite some time. The Emu is a species of bird that is native to Australia. Australians eat the bird’s meat and also use its oil for healing purposes.

Emu oil is beneficial in many different situations. For instance, it really helps with skin inflammation and arthritis. It is incredible that the rest of the world is just now figuring out what has been known for a very long time by Australians.

Emu Oil Origins

The emu is a flightless bird and resembles an ostrich somewhat. Emo oil is derived from this bird’s fat. Originally the emu was found only in Australia. However, in many other parts of the world now they are raised with the intent of making a profit from them. This often occurs now in India and China for example, where people like to eat emu meat.

Emu farming is considered to be “green” in the sense that the entire bird is used. The land benefits as well from the situation, which is something that doesn’t usually happen with other kinds of livestock. However, in order to flourish the bird needs to have the right kind of living environment.

Why Emu Oil Works

Emu oil is able to work deep inside the skin. That is why it is so helpful with inflammation and pain. Another thing that is important to be aware of is that emu oil doesn’t contain any phospholipids. The skin cannot absorb oils that do contain phospholipids. However, emu oil is able to infiltrate the different layers of skin and does this very quickly. This results in it having an incredible effect on the skin, muscles and joints. It works a lot better than many other oils, and many even prefer it some medications. It works in such a way that it doesn’t stay on the surface of your skin or block the pores.

What Emu Oil Is Made From

Thee are several different compounds that are contained in emu oil, including the antioxidant vitamin A, which has great effects on your skin. It addition it contains oleic acid, which helps to reduce scars, helps with pimples and combats wrinkles as well. It also contains both sapogenins and terpenes.

What Emu Oil Helps With

1. Injuries

For a very long time Australians have been using emu oil for treating burns as well as other types of skin injuries. To back up this oil’s efficiency, there is plenty of data that is available. For instance, in a 2005 study Chinese researchers applied emu oil to the burns of over 140 rats. The researchers noticed that the oil appeared to keep the infection under control. In addition, the inflammation decreased, and the healing process was considerably sped up. The mice also didn’t suffer from any adverse effects. There have been other studies that have researched the positive benefits of using a combination of emu oil and Vitamin E.

2. Arthritis

Emu oil is able to reduce inflammation. This makes it very beneficial for individuals who have swollen joints and muscle pain. There have also been studies to investigate whether or not it would be benefit for those who have rheumatism and arthritis to use emu oil. A study conducted in 1998 indicated that the oil could keep chronic inflammation under control. In addition, unlike the medication that is usually given for treating arthritis, emu oil doesn’t have any negative side effects.

3. Skin

If you would like for your skin to feel and look great, apply emu oil to it every day. Although emu oil is well-known for being able to assist with chronic skin problems, many people are unaware that it is just as beneficial to help your skin remain healthy.

If you would like to turn the hands of time back, emu oil is your solution. Since it has linoleic acid in it, it contains antioxidant properties that will help you look younger and refreshed. This is especially beneficial for individuals who have noticed a difference in how their skin feels and looks.

Emu oil also helps to protect your skin from the sun. Quite often Australian Aboriginals would apply emu oil whenever the sun was especially damaging. Now individuals in other countries are doing this as well.

4. Pimples

Emu oil is mainly comprised of triglyceride lipids. What that means is that it is quite similar to our skin. What that means is that human skin is able to draw this oil deep down into its various layers. With its anti-inflammatory properties, it is able to work its magic on various skin conditions including pimples. It is also an antibacterial and contains vitamin A.

Those who apply emu oil to their skin will notice a significant difference in their acne. In addition, they will see how it makes red skin blemishes appear to be less noticeable. It also doesn’t block pores and helps to keep the skin moisturized.

There is evidence also that emu oil helps with skin issues such as psoriasis, rosacea and eczema. This oil can be put on other areas of your skin that are in need of help. To get great results, it can be applied in the morning as well as the afternoon and at night.

5. Hair

Emu oil is able to make a positive difference when used in combination with other products. This is clearly evident with hair. The oil can be put in your hair along with your shampoo to condition it and take care of your scalp as well. Many people always that that if emu oil is rubbed into your scalp in the areas where you are balding, that your hair will begin to grow back. However, there are not any studies currently that support this claim.

6. Pain

Arthritis and gout are both very painful conditions. Because emu oil is an anti-inflammatory, it can be very beneficial for those suffering from these conditions. In addition, since other beneficial oils are unable to penetrate the skin to the same extent, emu oil can serve as a carrier to assist with the other oils being absorbed into your skin.

7. Bowels

Emu oil can also be taken internally. According to recent research, it may help people who have significant issues with bowel problems. For example, a 2012 study showed that emu oil helped some inflammatory bowel conditions. In addition it showed that it helped with intestinal repair. It is thought by researchers that emu oil can be used in combination with other treatment methods to achieve the best results.

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