CBD Oil Spray Sleep Support Blend

CBD Oil Spray Sleep Support Blend

After they developed the CBD Oil Spray Sleep Support blend the Hemp Genix team wanted to make an even great impact on the CBD industry by providing specific Sprays to improve people’s health. Melatonin is a hormone that natural occurs in our bodies and helps to regulate one’s sleeping. CBD Oil Sprayable Sleep is made out of 99% USA CBD Oil containing ZERO THC, Valerian Root, Gaba and Melatonin. For skin absorption is the major delivery vehicle.

Oral absorption is as much as 90% effective, which allows your body to make use of all of the necessary ingredients. With oral absorption, all of the nutrients go into the blood stream directly and then into the body’s cells in just a few minutes. When injected, it takes the same ingredients 30 minutes longer in order to reach those same blood levels. It provides all natural sleep support from Valerian Root, GABA, Melatonin and CBD. It has been Scientifically Tested to be Effective and Safe.

CBD Oil Spray Sleep Support Blend
CBD Oil Spray Sleep Support Blend

Key Benefits

Provides: healthy and natural ingredients like Valerian Root, Melatonin and CBD
Promotes: Helps to fight insomnia and promotes good sleeping habits
Works Quickly: Nutrients are almost instantly absorbed orally

The American Academy of Sleep Medicine reports that it can be used for the 30% to 35% of Americans who occasionally have insomnia, along with another 10% of individuals suffering from chronic insomnia.

Older adults are commonly affected by age-related insomnia as a secondary effect of medications or illness.

When it comes to the rest of us, insomnia can often be attributed to late night texting or playing on Facebook.

The pineal gland inside your brain, which during the day is inactive, starts producing melatonin at about 9 pm., which makes you less alert and start to be ready to go to sleep. Your melatonin levels remain elevated inside your blood for around 12 hours until the morning. Since mainly melatonin levels are affected light, it has been dubbed “Dracula of Hormones.”

The National Sleep Foundation reports that melatonin has been sold since 1994 in American markets over-the-counter as a dietary supplement, because is is food in our bodies and food naturally and isn’t a drug. It can be found in the form of a small pill in numerous health food aisles ranging in doses from 1 milligram up to 3 milligrams. The University of Maryland Medical center reports that melatonin supplements do not have any recommended dosage.

A 2012 study conducted by the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health (NCCIH) indicated that 3.1 million American adults over the past month utilized melatonin sleeping aids.

CBD Sleep Support Oral Spray

According to Dr. Emerson Wickwire, who is director of the University of Marlyland School of Medicine’s Insomnia Program, although melatonin is sold practically everywhere, it most likely won’t help with the most common sleeping problems. He added that the body’s circadian rhythm is regulated by melatonin and it can be very useful to treat sleep scheduling issues such as jet lag or shift work. They keys are what time it is taken and how much is taken. He says most people get both of those wrong. Although there are no reported melatonin overdoses, when the wrong dosage is taken at the wrong time it can impair more than be useful, and mess up your internal clock or circadian rhythm.

Approximate 0.3 milligrams of malatonin is produced by our bodies at any given time. An average pill may have 100 times this in order to try to compensate for what is known as the first pass effect. When a substance is taken orally it can result in most of it being metabolized by the liver before serving its purpose. This melatonin spike frequently makes a user feel groggy the following morning.

However, with Sprayable Sleep, melatonin gets absorbed gradually through layers of your skin and then into your bloodstream, and entirely avoids your digestive system. There is around 0.25 milligrams of melatonin in a single spray, and one bottle of product contains around one month’s worth of sound sleep.

Wickwire says that although in general scientific evidence is weak for melatonin helping insomnia, the best results are achieved when an extended-release formulation is used.

According to Wickwire a published study is needed for the spray to be verified. However, it has been confirmed that at least in principle, that the product appears to be logical. Doctors are in agreement that melatonin isn’t the only solution for sleep problems, and that the best solution could be changes in priorities and lifestyle.