Hemp Oil May be an essential Topical Potion Against Skin Aging

Hemp Oil May be an essential Topical Potion Against Skin Aging

Hemp Oil May be an essential Topical Potion Against Skin Aging

“What a Drag it is getting old”, the Rolling Stones immortal lyrics capture a sentiment that humans have shared since time immemorial. Today, many multi-billion dollar beauty industries capitalize on the desire for some potion to ward off the most visible effects of skin aging as s found in the skin. Yet these complex, and often ineffective drugs, can cost a pretty penny and contain ingredients that are neither natural nor identifiable by those outside of the initiated few.

Fortunately, there is a natural and effective solution, hemp oil.

Now if you would like to use hemp as a way to slow the aging process, how it is applied is very important to the efficacy as a whole. Smoking certain strains of hemp, cannabis in particular, can actually speed up the aging process by allowing toxic chemicals into the body.terpene beta-myrcene

The oil extracted from hemp plants is high in two essential nutrients that reverse the aging process by eliminating inflammation and reducing a specific damage called “oxidative stress”. These essential fatty acids are found in many foods. Studies have shown that women with higher intakes of these nutrients in their diet present less sensile skin dryness and reduced inflammation.

The primary causes of visible aging symptoms are inflammation and oxidative stress. In the year 2000, the term aging has been re-phrased as “inflammaging”, by addressing inflammation the aging process can be reversed.

One of the best nutrients to reverse this condition in the skin is good ol’ Vitamin E and the hemp seed is loaded with this essential nutrient. Redness and skin damage of all kinds can be reduced and treated by the proper application of Vit E. Just like other anti-oxidants, Vitamin E hunts down damaging free radicals and stops their progression. The damage these free radicals cause is the root of the inflammation that directly causes inflamm-aging.

Could hemp oil help solve skin aging?

Hemp Oil May be an essential Topical Potion Against Skin Aging
Hemp Oil May be an essential Topical Potion Against Skin Aging

Cannabinoids, along with other extracts from hemp like terpenes, have also been found to contain anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects. Cannabidiol has also been found to have antioxidant effects more potent than vitamin E5 or Vit C. Actually, a recent study proved that cannabidiol has twice the antioxidant capacity found in vitamin Vit C. Furthermore, it is an anti inflammatory strong enough to reverse the work of tumor necrosis factor Alpha-4.

Cannabichromene (CBC) is another anti-inflammatory, as is cannabigerol (CBG, which has been found to block inflammatory progress with higher success than THC. Another anti-inflammatory that acts by affecting the prostaglandin pathways is terpene beta-myrcene; these pathways are also affected by omega-3 fatty acids.

The prostaglandin pathway called PGE-1 can be affected by another terpene, alpha-pinene which also has antiinflammatory effects. Beta-caryophyllene is also an anti-inflammatory that works through the PGE-1 pathway and has a similar strength but toxic capacity as well. Together these may have greater efficacy than CBD although no other compound has seen so much research as yet.

As a matter of fact a study comparing CBD with whole hemp extracts showed that a whole hemp extract was able to stop inflammation more effectively. The greater the dosages administered the greater the anti inflammatory benefits they provided. CBD was only effective on the first dose and not as effective if more was applied.

In conclusion, studies done on hemp and skins aging have proven that hemp oil has many anti-inflammatory and antioxidant qualities and can be used as an effective anti aging treatment for the inside and the outside.

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