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Apple Stem Cell Cream

Apple Stem Cell Cream- Anti Aging Skin Care The Benefits Of Apple Stem Cells Cream As we age, the epidermal stem cells that are required to create new skin are significantly reduced, or they function less efficiently. That is why wrinkles, fine lines, stretch marks, and other skin impurities become prominent when one age. Even though there are hundreds of skin care products on the market that promise to delay the aging of the skin, most of them don’t give the promised results. Hence, most people become frustrated and search high and low for effective solutions to reverse the skin aging process. That is where Apple Stem Cells Cream comes in handy. This article provides information on some of the important benefits of Apple Stem Cells Cream. Scientists have found that an extract derived from the stem cells of an apple tree could rejuvenate the aging skin. This plant extract is supposed to stimulate the growth of stem cells in the skin to reduce the appearance of unsightly wrinkles, fine lines, discoloration, and other impurities in the skin. In fact, stem cells are considered the building blocks of the body since they can grow into any cell in the human body. The cells in our body are programmed for specific functions such as a liver cell, brain cell, skin cell which contains the same DNA structure. Stem cells are cells that contain no specific programming. These cells are usually “blank” so that the body could format them into any cell as it pleases. These cells can replenish itself through the process of self-renewal. There are two basic forms of stem cells in the body – such as Embryonic stem cells and Adult stem cells. Out of the two, embryonic cells can turn into any type of cells in the body. But the adult cells are more limited in what they can do. These cells can evolve only into a particular kind of cell found in the tissue where they are located in the body. In fact, the primary function of adult stem cells is to maintain and repair the tissue where they are found. But there are certain adult stem cells in nature that have unlimited development potential similar to embryonic stem cells. These cells are the primary focus of the new field of regenerative medicine. The epidermis of the skin has two types of cells. They are the slowly dividing epidermis cells and rapidly dividing epidermis cells. The epidermal skin cell population can deplete due to the slow dividing cells. This can create a problem in the skin. The skin’s health and appearance can take a toll because of these cells. Scientists turned to plants to find a solution to this problem. Plants also have stem cells just like humans. But the adult stem cells in plants have unlimited capabilities compared to human adult stem cells. These cells can turn into a whole new plant without any problem. Scientists began to grow plant adult stem cells in a culture to find an answer to the human skin aging process. The apple’s ability to stay fresh for a long time […]

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Can Glaucoma Be Treated With CBD And THC When They Are Included In CBD?

Can Glaucoma Be Treated With CBD And THC When They Are Included In CBD? According to research, glaucoma is one of the most common eye conditions on a global scale with statistics showing that approximately 60 million people experience the condition in their lives.  The USA presents with a statistic of more than three million people living with glaucoma and if this is untreated it can result in irreversible blindness. Since 1980, surgical procedures and treatments have significantly improved the statistics of glaucoma patients.  The procedures have effectively treated the optical nerve damage caused by glaucoma and the risk of developing blindness was reduced by approximately 50%.  Nonetheless, while advancing treatments have reduced the risk of blindness in glaucoma patients, the number of effective topical drugs continues to be restricted.  As such, medical marijuana has been stated as an effective treatment with many people choosing this option – but should they be doing so? Due to the improvement of glaucoma treatments over recent years, one must question whether or not the benefits of medical marijuana outweigh the potential risks or side effects?  Furthermore, the role of the body’s endocannabinoid system in disease should be considered when determining if development of cannabinoid-based medications are beneficial for treating this condition. What Causes Glaucoma? Medical studies have found that glaucoma has a strong connection to various neurodegenerative conditions, such as Alzheimer’s disease, and is therefore being considered as a neurodegenerative disease.  The research indicates that one of four patients with Alzheimer’s disease will present with a diagnosis of glaucoma and, in fact, glaucoma appeared to be a predictor of Alzheimer’s.  The precise cause of the eye condition, however, continues to be a mystery and elude the medical community. Due to intraocular pressure influencing the onset and progression of glaucoma, ophthalmologists have begun to prescribe treatments that target this intraocular pressure, shortened to IOP.  Evidence has shown that the only technique for preventing irreversible blindness or vision loss is the reduction of IOP levels using different treatments.  The type of treatment chosen is typically dependent on the severity and the progression of the eye condition; however, ophthalmologists will more often than not treat glaucoma with prescription medication.  A severe case would potentially require surgery. Is CBD A Viable Treatment For Glaucoma? Studies from the 1970s indicate that cannabinoids present with properties that can reduce glaucoma-related symptoms due to their ability for lowering the IOP levels in the patient.  Furthermore, the cannabinoids presented with neuroprotective actions.  In 1971, the first study of CBD as treatment for glaucoma found that consumption of this substance reduced the patient’s IOP levels by 25-30%. Regardless of the medical findings in the research from the 1970s, it is rare that an ophthalmologist will utilize medical marijuana in patients experiencing early to mid-stage glaucoma.  The primary issue many ophthalmologists have with the use of medical CBD is the potential side effects and how smoking CBD can outweigh the short term advantages of this treatment.  For example, smoking CBD can result in unstable intraocular pressure levels, thereby increasing the risk of irreversible blindness in the patient. Another point of concern that many […]

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CBD Oil Skin Care Products

CBD Oil Skin Care Products How is CBD oil made? Is it the pure oil that is used topically, or is it more about this oil being put into natural products? It is procured from the marijuana plant, but it is a compound that is void of THC. When used topically, is it all about skincare, or are there other topical benefits as well? CBD oil can also be used orally, and it is also inhaled for certain benefits as well. This article is going to focus on the topical benefits of CBD oil and CBD products, including pros and cons, or benefits and any associated risks or side effects. Before looking to see if there are any associated skincare benefits, think chronic and acute pain. This is supposed to be one of the major benefits of using CBD oil topically. What are its competitors, meaning all natural solutions, and how do they compare? That is a question you certainly want the answer to if you are going to depend upon a certain natural solution. CBD Oil Skin Care Products Is this whole CBD oil thing mostly about hype? Are people trying this type of product because it seems different as if it were once taboo? It comes from the marijuana plant, so finding a use for that plant that doesn’t produce a euphoric high might be making people think that they are justified to use it blindly. Are there studies and research that backs up the topical uses of CBD oil? Now let’s look at skincare. If you really do take a close look at how CBD oil is being used topically, you are going to see that it is an oil used in multiple products. One of the cons is that while the CBD topical products are absorbed by the skin, they aren’t absorbed as well as you might think. Therefore, the application of these products is suggested to be done liberally. CBD Oil Skin Care Products There are even anti aging products that use this oil. If you didn’t know that, then it is kind of surprising, isn’t it? It surprises me, but you just never know. If you are wanting to get a closer look, see what all of the topical uses are for this product. As for side effects, there doesn’t appear to be any that are worth mentioning. It is more about whether you are using something that works or whether you are counting on the placebo effect, so which is it? Cbd Skin Care Line, Cbd Skin Care Benefits, Cbd Skin Care Colorado, Cbd Skin Care, Cbd Oil Skin Care, Cbd Skin Care Benefits, Cbd Skin Care Colorado, Cbd For Skin Care, Cbd Oil For Skin Care, Cbd Oil In Skin Care, Cbd Skin Care Line, Cbd Oil Skin Care, Cbd Oil Skin Care, Cbd Skin Care Products, Cbd Skin Care, Cbd Skin Care Lotion, Cbd Skin Care Lotion, Cbd Skin Care Professional Products, Cbd Oil For Skin Care, Cbd Skin Care Products

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